We listen to your goals and help you realize them through sound financial management strategies that support security, growth and peace of mind.

Our management goes above and beyond good beginnings. We are hands-on managers who involve our clients as an integral part of the investment process. We carefully choose and closely monitor your investments and advise whether and when changes should be made.

Because each of our clients is unique, no two of our clients' investment portfolios are exactly the same.

And because we're not tied to one investment company's products, we recommend the precise mix of securities, bonds, and other financial vehicles that best fits your life goals and values.

We believe strongly, supported by studies from leading financial analysts, that asset allocation—which kinds of investments you hold and how much you invest in each—is the most important factor in determining the total return on your portfolio.



Weiner Financial Group, LLC offers comprehensive financial planning services, including retirement and investment planning, tax planning, estate preservation, and disability and long-term care planning. Headed by Lawrence (Laury) Weiner, Weiner Financial Group, LLC has a passion for serving the financial planning needs of the University community.  Laury has been married for the past 25 years to Jessica Fogel, U-M Professor of Dance. As a result, in addition to the many benefits of sharing life with a talented artist, Laury has become very familiar with the excellent benefit programs offered by the University of Michigan.  We also help many clients affiliated with other Universities. In order to stay abreast of the current economic climate, as well as the many investment offerings of both TIAA and Fidelity, ongoing management is required.  

In working with University employees, we have learned that they are like most other people.  They are immersed in their work and may not have enough time to monitor their investments.   Often, investment decisions were made many years ago and have not since been repositioned to integrate the many new funds offered by TIAA and Fidelity.  We are dedicated to analyzing your financial situation and working with you to identify your objectives. We provide sound investment direction that will equip you with greater confidence, control, and stability in reaching your retirement goals. 

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Weiner Financial Group, LLC is not affiliated with any specific University.