Retirement Planning


Most people wonder – and sometimes worry– about what retirement will bring, and then go back to their daily lives without taking action toward a more secure retirement.

Working with Weiner Financial Group, LLC, can take the procrastination and guesswork out of retirement planning. We'll help you sort out the financial details, which can include:

  • Individual and Roth IRA strategies
  • Company-sponsored 401(k), 403(b) and other benefit plans
  • Annual budgeting for investment in retirement plans
  • IRA rollovers
  • Early retirement and buyouts
  • How to build a retirement income stream
  • How to optimize the Social Security Program
  • Development of a proactive financial plan to guide you through a successful retirement
  • Take action to secure your financial future–each day you wait means less opportunity for growth. Call us at 734-619-6836 or use the e-mail link to request a complimentary consultation.